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Double H Beef

Red Angus Cattle, Double H Ranch Co.

The Cattle

A first generation ranch located in Onondaga, Michigan raising purebred Red & Black Angus and Angus Cross cattle. Very important, are the genetics within our herd, our cattle are bred to provide the best flavor, marbling and tenderness in our beef. While just starting out, our cattle have come to Michigan from a couple different highly experienced and trusted farms. However, moving forward, our goal is to control the whole cycle. Raising cattle from birth to butcher, all in one location. This provides you the peace of mind, knowing exactly where your beef is coming from and how it was raised from start to finish. Each animal in our herd, with the exception of bottle calves out of dairy cows, has been born and raised on pasture (grass fed) and are grain finished using ingredients grown throughout Michigan.


Cows on Pasture, Double H Ranch Co.

The Feed

While our Angus Cross calves are born and raised in a barn, all of our beef cattle are born and raised on pasture and then grown and finished with a custom mix of locally grown corn and protein. We believe this helps to give them the best marbling and flavor possible.
The cattle also always have access to fresh water and hay. Starting in the winter months our calves are supplemented with locally grown grain to make sure all of their nutritional needs are met.
Double H Dry Aged Beef

Premium Beef

All of our beef is harvested at a USDA inspected facility in Michigan. After harvest, the carcass hangs in a climate controlled environment for a minimum of 14 days. This process is called Dry-Aging. We believe that this is a very important step in the process. As the carcass hangs the natural enzymes in the beef will begin to break down the muscles making the beef much more flavorful and tender.

This Dry-Aging process is not industry standard in the United States. This makes our product unique and of superior quality compared to something you find at a local grocery store.