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Cattle/Beef Questions:

  • What breed of cattle do you own?
    • Our cattle are Purebred Red & Black Angus as well as some Angus Cross. Angus cattle are well known for their low maintenance, adaptable, and docile nature. They are also a very efficient breed producing really great quality beef.
  • Are they grass fed?
    • While our Angus Cross calves are born and raised in a barn, all of our beef cattle are born and raised on pasture. They spend the majority of their lives consuming grass, and then spend the last several months consuming hay in addition to grain.
  • Why Grain Finished?
    • We believe that a grain finished steer produces the best quality and best tasting beef. While the cattle still have access to hay at all times, the grain helps to improve beef marbling and flavor.
  • What is Dry-Aging?
    • After harvest, the carcass hangs in a climate controlled environment for a minimum of 14 days. This process is called Dry-Aging. As the carcass hangs the natural enzymes in the beef will begin to break down the muscles, making the beef much more flavorful and tender. This process is not industry standard in the United States. This makes our product unique and of superior quality compared to something you find at a local grocery store.
  • Do you use hormones?
    • We do not implant our cattle with hormones. It is very important to us that we raise our cattle as naturally as possible.
  • Why are your prices higher than the grocery store?
    • As a first generation operation, the start up and input costs are immense. We can proudly say that we are not the grocery store, and we are not providing grocery store quality beef. Give our beef a try, we are confident that the quality will speak for itself.

Shipping Questions:

  • How are orders shipped?
    • Beef orders are shipped every Tuesday in an insulated cardboard box or mailer, with dry ice to keep the contents frozen. To help fill the box and keep all items frozen it is recommended to order a minimum of 5 lbs. of beef.
    • All orders can be shipped, or a local pick up time and location can be arranged for free.
    • Local Delivery is also available, for a Flat Rate of $10 within a 30 mile radius of Eaton Rapids, Michigan.
  • See flat rate shipping costs for frozen items below. All non frozen item orders will ship for a flat rate of $10 nationwide.